Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weird...Etsy Wednesday Again

I guess my Etsy purchases tend to arrive on Wednesdays. Maybe because of the impulsive, late-night weekend shopping I do.

Anyway, the latest is dog collars from Lucky Fiona. This was some fun shopping. I sent in photos of the pups, and it was like they had a personal shopper. Shannon picked out what would look best for both, and them custom-made them to size.

Great packaging,
And cute collars.
Elly says, "Whee!"

Annie says, "I abhor having my photo taken; however this one time I will consent because I know how much you like to blog about this stuff." Seriosuly, this dog hates having her picture taken and generally scampers off for safety if she just sees a camera. Or anything that resembles a camera. Or a flashlight. Sad thing is, now when she sees me get yarn out, she scampers. I guess I take a lot of pictures of yarn.

Anyway, thanks Shannon, and Fiona. Four very enthusiastic paws-up.

There's been some knitting. There's also been some yarn purchasing, although they didn't show up in time for this edition of Etsy Wednesday.

I've been knitting some Embossed Leaves from blue Koigu, very slow going on the second sock.

And Leo has resurfaced! Has anyone been wondering about this poor, neglected WIP? I've kind of been obsessed with it lately, probably because cool weather is approaching and it just seems appropriate.

Ooh, also I made my Famous Spicy Nuts for a party last week. Don't they look yummy?
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Sheepish Annie said...

I wish I could get the cats to wear cool collars. They'd look so cute!!! But they have become rather good at removing them then hiding them so any sort of neckwear is a no-go. Even flea collars. ::sigh::

But, those are so great! Maybe I should get a dog?

schrodinger said...

Those collars are very sweet.

Sarah Jackson said...

Mmm... those do look yummy. And cute collars! I keep threatening to make one for my dog. Maybe this weekend will be the time.

Bertha said...

Oh man, those nuts look incredible! I wish I had some right now for lunch!w

Mia said...

oh man, those nuts look GOOD!!!!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Annie and Elly look quite stunning in their new accessories. You must share the recipe for the spicy nuts.

Mel said...

Those collars are great! Thanks for the link. Mmmmmm...spicy nuts. Are they sweet n'spicy or simply spicy? Do I see a bits of of rosemary ?

Macoco said...

oooh those spicy nuts look so good. Love those collars!

sara said...

Emma is very selfish with her recipes (she only has 3).

Erin said...

Your dogs are soooo cute! Those collars are gorgeous too!

millie & elsie said...

thanks for sharing the great etsy finds! what gorgeous models, too