Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Back!

And my Embossed Leaves took second place at the Tulsa State Fair!

The socks to the right were the third place winner. I stupidly neglected to take a picture of the first place winner. Oh, well. It's kind of thrilling to have won a ribbon though; this is my first ever Fair entry. In the interest of full disclosure, there appeared to be only 4 entreis in the "Sock" category. And I was sorely disappointed in the spinning turn-out--I only saw one skein, and while it was lovely, all wispy and white, I had been really looking forward to seeing more. More knitting, more handspun--next year, I will definitely encourage my spinning friends (Marianne and Ann, I'm looking at you. Oh come on, ladies, I'll loan you my SSN if that's what it takes!) and my knitting friends to enter something.

Look at these sheep! Why are they wearing clothes? The only thing we could figure out, because it certainly wasn't cold in the animal barns, is that they had been bathed and brushed and were ready for show, and the clothes help keep the hay and, er, poop, off of them. Can anyone confirm?

Anyway--I'm back! It's been a long summer--but not in a bad way, I promise. A long summer full of knitting ennui, but I do feel I am back, and next post I'll have lots to show, provided I can find my camera charger that is. If anyone's still reading, thanks for hanging in.

I'll leave you, in the spirit of the first presidential debate tonght, with a pumpkin entered in the kids' pumpkin carving contest at the Fair (it didn't win, more's the pity--but this is Oklahoma, after all).