Sunday, October 19, 2008

Simply Scraps

I knew this would happen. I knew I would start this sock yarn scrap blanket and that I would become addicted to it. I knew it would be lovely and fun to work on. And I knew I would quickly run out of scraps.

If anyone else is working on one and would like to trade some scraps, email me. Or, if you'd just like to send me some scraps, that will work too!

I have been so busy knitting thiese last few weeks, I haven't had time for blogging, which really is a nice change from my knitting dry spell which seemed to last all summer long.

Projects on the needles: the sock yarn scrap blankie and a Christmas stocking my boss asked me to make. His mother was a knitter and she knitted stockings for all his kids. Now that he has a grandchild, he and his wife thought it would be nice to have an identical knitted stocking for the baby. I'm going by a pattern from a kit, probably from the mid-60's. And it's intarsia, which I have never done before. Pictures next time, once it starts to look like something!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Where's That Damn Charger?!?

I still can't find my camera charger, and it's starting to concern me now because my battery is dead.

On the plus side, my summer-long knitting drought has broken, and I have a few new projects in the works, with a few more potential projects buzzing around in my head. Since I can't show you right now, I'll just make a list.

On the Needles:

1. A soft pink Clapotis for a woman in my office who has breast cancer and just underwent a double mastectomy. Before she left work, she asked me to knit her a pink wrap, so I've been working hard to get it finished. I knit one of these before, and I've been reminded while working on this one what a clever pattern it is. I kind of want to start another one, even before this one is finished!

2. A single sock--a test knit fr the folks at Woolgirl. This is my second ever test knit, and it's been a fabulous experience. I got a skein of yarn, the pattern, a sample of Soak, AND a self-addressed, postage prepaid envelope for sending my completed sock in. And as payment? Two skeins of sock yarn. Not a bad deal. The sock is done--just needs the toe stitched up.

3. A swatch for the Cardi Cozy from the new Mason-Dixon knitting book. I'm using Kidsilk Night.
Longing to Start:

1. Sock Yarn Scrap Blanket. Sue and Amy from Knit Nite are working on this, and I'm intrigued.

2. Monteagle Bag, also from Mason-Dixon.

3. Honeycomb, the vest that was suppose to be my Ravelympic project. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Sorry for the pictureless post. We're going to Michigan on Wednesday to visit Paul's sister and her family, so I really hope I find that charger by then.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Back!

And my Embossed Leaves took second place at the Tulsa State Fair!

The socks to the right were the third place winner. I stupidly neglected to take a picture of the first place winner. Oh, well. It's kind of thrilling to have won a ribbon though; this is my first ever Fair entry. In the interest of full disclosure, there appeared to be only 4 entreis in the "Sock" category. And I was sorely disappointed in the spinning turn-out--I only saw one skein, and while it was lovely, all wispy and white, I had been really looking forward to seeing more. More knitting, more handspun--next year, I will definitely encourage my spinning friends (Marianne and Ann, I'm looking at you. Oh come on, ladies, I'll loan you my SSN if that's what it takes!) and my knitting friends to enter something.

Look at these sheep! Why are they wearing clothes? The only thing we could figure out, because it certainly wasn't cold in the animal barns, is that they had been bathed and brushed and were ready for show, and the clothes help keep the hay and, er, poop, off of them. Can anyone confirm?

Anyway--I'm back! It's been a long summer--but not in a bad way, I promise. A long summer full of knitting ennui, but I do feel I am back, and next post I'll have lots to show, provided I can find my camera charger that is. If anyone's still reading, thanks for hanging in.

I'll leave you, in the spirit of the first presidential debate tonght, with a pumpkin entered in the kids' pumpkin carving contest at the Fair (it didn't win, more's the pity--but this is Oklahoma, after all).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

False Start

After knitting a couple of inches of my pattern, I realized I couldn't tell the right side from the wrong side, which struck me as odd. So I consulted the online version of the pattern and saw that whatever it was I was knitting was most definitely NOT the honeycomb pattern.

So I ripped. Now the pressure is on.

(Just for fun, me as a child)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Knitting Underway

The Ravelympics kicked off during last night's opening ceremonies. I spent yesterday in an all-day meeting, working on my gauge swatch. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

I started the ribbing last night during the show (which was awesome).

Should be some frantic knitting around here for the next 17 days!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Again

Home from the beach. It was a grueling 15 hour trip through seven states to get home yesterday, but it was worth it to see Elly again and come home to a house only slightly cat-vomit stained, thanks to the valiant efforts of Sara, the Best-Cat-Sitter-in-the-World.

No knitting was accomplished on the trip though. I seriously don't know where the knitting went. I signed up for the Ravelympics (go Team OkieKnitters!) though and my goal is to complete Honeycomb. I haven't even swatched yet though. Humph.

What else...?

I love this bag.

The Kellyville Fiber Festival is this weekend--yay! Maybe I'll find inspiration there.

If you're thinking of adopting a cat, check out Sheepish Annie's thoughts on the matter first.

Sorry for the bullet points, ya'll. I'm exhausted.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Vacation Time


Photos from vacations past, just to get everyone in the mood. The top ones are from my parents' vacation with my sister and the nephews in Gulf Shores, Alabama. They were so good I couldn't resist posting them.

The unprofessional ones are from our previous vacations to Sea Grove Beach, Florida.

And for those who are wondering, no, that chest does not belong to anyone I know. It's a deckhand from the Beer Boat.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Socking it to Me

I am a great admirer of Cookie A's sock patterns. In theory, at least. I have made several pairs of Monkeys, and that's an undeniably great sock pattern. But when it comes to her more complicated sock patterns...well, let's just say after my previous two disastrous experiences with Pomatomus, I wasn't hopeful about my chances with the advanced stuff.

I got the Twisted Flower sock pattern last year during the Monkey Pal Sock Swap. It's such a gorgeous pattern, but I put it away, figuring I'd tackle it some day, maybe in about twenty years' time.

However, having decided I wanted to knit a pair of socks to enter in the Tulsa State Fair this year, and in thinking of something that would be impressive, I took a second look at Twisted Flower and found, to my amazement, that after successfully completing Tangled Yoke--at least the cable section was a success--this pattern is a bit of a cakewalk.

Even with all the teeny-tiny cables.

Only problem is I am not even to the heel-flap of the first sock and I already have Second Sock Syndrome.

In other news, we leave next weekend for vacation, so I hope to post an entry or two from the beach.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dog Sitting

My parents have gone on vacation, so we have a canine guest this week.

I know pugs are popular, but I don't know why. They are fairly disgusting, what with the snorting and the snoring and such. Still, there's something undeniably charming about them. The cats are unhappy about the visitor--there's been lots of disgruntled meowing and accusations and "Why wasn't I consulted about this?"

In knitting news, the handtowels are done. I noticed while uploading this picture that the towel on the left is twisted so the wrong side is showing, but I couldn't be bothered to re-photograph.

It seems like all I am knitting these days are ballbands. I have the yarn and patterns for more interesting projects like Rusted Root (Rav link) and Honeycomb but the disastrous results of my first two attempts at sweater knitting have kind of put me off starting them. I just don't want to be disappointed again!

Hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bathroom Update

We finally put some finishing touches on the bathroom this weekend. This has been the never-ending home improvement project from hell. Seriously--never-ending. Now some spots on the walls need touchups because when the so-called painter's tape came down, it took wall color with it. It's a vicious cycle.

But it looks pretty good, despite those pesky spots. This is my favorite view:

In case you're wondering, the towel rack is a custom job from etsy seller thedarkcottage. My current knitting project is ballband handtowels that will hang from the hooks. Strangely enough, this project did not occur to me until the day before yesterday, but I think it's a perfect solution.

Oh, and Monkey Pal Jody--I lost your email address, but I wanted to say thanks so much for the package. The socks are a perfect fit and the yarn is gorgeous--definitely well worth the wait and just to my liking. Thanks for everything!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Absent Have I Been?

Ok, that's arhetorical question. I have been very absent. The thing about not blogging is that it kind of turns into a habit. But sitting here watching this horrible trainwreck of an American Idol finale--well, it just seemed like the right time.

More this weekend, and hopefully some knitting to show too!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

And the Winner is......

I kind of screwed up my blog contest because of my own fickle nature. We went with the color Honeydew, which the astute among you will know was not one of the choices! Oooops.

See, what happened is we decided on Pastel Jade. Went to the store, got the supplies, came home and got to work. Just for fun, I opened the can and put a little paint on the wall. And I didn't like it. So I let it dry, put a second coat on the spot, but that didn't help matters any.

It's a lovely color, but it wasn't what I had in mind. It was too pale, too washed out--not juicy enough. So back to the store we went to make another selection. And we ended up with Honeydew.
In related news, I have a full gallon of Pastel Jade if anyone local is interested!

So I used a random number generator to select from all the guesses. I'll get to the winner in a minute, but first--pictures.

It's a hard color to photograph, but it's a bright, springy green with a pale yellow ceiling and white trim (which is not finished yet). We love it.

Ok, on to the winner.........

Congratulations, Kristie! I'll send you an email.

Thanks to everyone for participating. Hopefully I'll have some knitting to show one of these days.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Coming!

No, I haven't forgotten about my contest. I'm just waiting until I can get a good picture.

And can I just say--wow! 83 comments? That's a record for me.

Oh, and for anyone out there contemplating stripping wallpaper and painting? Don't.

Hahaha, just kidding. Stripping the paper was a major chore though, compounded by the fact that we did the MS walk Saturday morning (3 miles!), then went to Home Depot, then got started on the bathroom and worked for about 10 hours. Yeah, exhausting.

And then a repeat on Sunday, except substitute the walk with breakfast with friends at The Crusty Croissant. And then last night--another coat on the ceiling and the first coat on the walls.

Tonight, a second coat on the walls.

Tomorrow, trim and touch-ups.

Then, photos and a winner!

I did pick up some helpful painting tips though.

1. Put lotion on your hands before painting. It makes clean-up way easier.
2. After finishing for the night, put your wet, drippy brushes in plastic bags and put them in the freezer. The next day when you are ready to start painting, take them out about an hour beforehand. Perfect!

Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Project! **Now With A Contest**

When we bought our house five years ago, the bathroom was a big selling point. We loved the elegant, understated wallpaper.

These days the wallpaper is looking a little shabby, peeling off in some areas, and scratched off by Oliver in other areas. Also, we're just tired of it and ready for a change. We've decided that a makeover is in order.

Now we're looking to make it a little more fun--a juicy, refreshing color is going to go on the walls as soon as we decide on one. It's funny though. With these samples taped up on the wall, I am starting to like some of them I had initially not even noticed. It's going to be hard to make a decision, that's for sure.

But nevertheless, a decision must be made. We're kind of committed to it now.

As for knitting, I started a Baby Surprise Jacket yesterday. No, I'm not having a baby--it's not that big a surprise.

Sarah and I decided to do a little craft swap. She's sewing me a tote bag, and I'm doing the BSJ for the baby she's got cooking. So unfortunately that means no progress shots because I want her to be surprised when she gets the package. But I'll show it off after she receives it.

****ETA: I totally missed my Blogoversary! It was April 10. I thought it was sometime in May. Poo, I was looking forward to doing a blog contest. It is too late, or should I go ahead and celebrate?

Ok, for my Blogoversary contest, please make a guess as to what color we will end up painting the bathroom. It will be one of the colors pictured below. Leave your guesses in the comments. In the event of a tie, I will write the names on strips of paper, wrap peanut butter in them, and let Elly decide.

She's totally excited already. Also a little bit confused about why she is being made to pose in the bathroom. It's a theme, Elly--go with it.

Did someone mention a prize? There will indeed be a prize for the eventual winner--a skein of the oft-coveted Wollmeise sock yarn. This is an intriguing blend of blue and brown, colorway (if that is indeed what Farbe means): Dani.

Leave your comments by 12 midnight Central Standard Time Friday, April 18th. The winner will be announced as soon as a color is chosen.

Hints and Tips:

1. This is a small bathroom, which means we are not likely to choose one of the darker shades.
2. Paul and I both have blue eyes. This may or may not mean anything.
3. We are still completely undecided, so once you post your guess, feel free to send me emails lobbying for your choice.
4. It's not likely to be purple. Our laundry room is already purple.

Good luck to all! Here are your choices:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Knit Kniece!

My nieces Brittany and Caleigh are in town from Kalamazoo for Spring Break, and tonight, Caleigh went with me to Knit Nite.

She actually ended up doing more spinning than knitting, and, I am not joking here, this kid's a natural.

I need to take lessons from her!

All while the boys of eatsts and Sue looked on.

The amazing and talented Ann provided the wheel and the fiber (thanks, Ann. I promise I'll pay you back), and Caleigh will be heading back to Kalamazoo with her very own skein of handspun.

In other news, this came in the mail today:

God, I feel old!