Saturday, August 25, 2007

Conference Sock

I got lots of knitting done on my Yarn Pirate sock during my conference. Lots of knitting in public, and lots of questions and interest from people watching me. Seems like everyone wants to have a sock, but no one wants to learn how to do it themselves.
I am not that crazy about this Yarn Pirate sock yarn though. I love the colors, and I love the feel and the sproingyness of the yarn, but this skein is full of knots. I ignored the ones I could, but there was one that was actually holding two pieces of yarn together, and it came undone, causing many minutes spent dealing with reconnecting the yarn in a way that didn't disturb the striping too badly.

Speaking of the striping, I thought they striped really badly, more in a ragged spiral pattern. I tried varying the stitch counts several times before finally going with a 64-stitch sock. I have seen other socks made with this yarn, and the stripes were much cleaner. There's either a secret to it, or I got a bad skein. Plus the sock broke one of my favorite DPNs.

Those Yarn Pirate fans out there, tell me--what is going on with these socks?

Obviously I am not the hugest fan of these socks. I am just ast the cuff on the second one, doing them Magic Loop style, just for fun. Next up? A pair of Embossed Leaves in this ice-blue Koigu. An excellent incentive to get the Clementine socks done ASAP.


Micki said...

Oh, there's nothing like knots in a skein to make knitting feel like work. At least you can look forward to a pretty pattern and some luscious Koigu.

Kelly said...

I hate it when there's knots in the skein! I've used Yarn Pirate before with no problems so I think it's possible you just got a bad skein.

schrodinger said...

I think you've got a bad skein too, I've never heard of so many issues with it. Maybe you should drop an email and tell her what's up with this yarn?

Trish said...

I'd drop YP an email about the knots. She's super friendly.

Kristy said...

That new Koigu is very pretty! It will make an excellent pair of Embossed Leaves!

Rachel said...

OOoh, Koigu! I bought some a while ago, but I haven't gotten the chance to knit it up yet. I can't wait to try it out.

That's too bad about your pirate socks, because the colors are really cool. Have you tried contacting the company? Sometimes yarn dealers will give you another skein if you get a bad one.

Hope your socks work better for you!