Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Belated Halloween

Just wanted to share some photos from the BooHaHa parade last Saturday. Our house is just off the main street where all the activity happens, so we get a primo spot for watching everything go by, and we usually have people come over for good parking and no-hassle entrance and exit from the scene.

Like our niece (the redhead) and a friend:

And our nephew:

The view from the end of our street:

Dogs on parade!:

Our spooky Jack o' lantern:

As far as knitting, I am finally out in the Sock Wars. I got a pretty pair of Socks of Doom from kraftykat via Emily. So I am yet another casualty of this international war, and looking forward to watching how it all plays out from the sidelines in my cozy new socks.

I am working on a Christmas gift project, which I am enjoying a lot. It's a pretty pattern with pretty yarn, the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed I showed off a few posts ago.

Finally, my sisters-in-law Kim and Cheryl have started blogs, so be sure to drop by and leave them a comment. Those first few comments, especially from strangers, are so thrilling!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!


miss88keys said...

Your neice & nephew are ADORABLE!! Looks like a fun Halloween!

lobstah said...

Aww, what a bunch of cuties! Halloween looks like so much fun where you live--the last time I lived somewhere with a "big" halloween was about 7 yrs ago. We haven't gotten ANY trick or treaters in the last 2 yrs.

Marianne said...

CUTE KIDS!!!!!!!!
Knitnight is NOT this coming tuesday, but the next week, will you bring your socks of doom that you received? Really want to see some.
Love that pumpkin face, very cool.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, how cute!!! No little ones come to my door on Halloween. The Sheep is forced to eat all the candy lest it go stale.

Sorry about the whole getting killed thing...war is heck!