Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Below is a picture of my knitting table in its current state:

The large purple blob is my Christmas present in progress. It's a bottom up shawl-thing, which means lots of increases, and the rows are getting very looong now. The blue is the first sock in a pair of Hederas in Schaefer Anne for Knit Blue. And the multicolored is a simple 3x1 ribbed sock in Austermann Step.

I had wanted to make a pair of the Father and Son socks for someone for Christmas, but so far I haven't been able to figure out the pattern, so that may or may not happen.

Last week was busy. I was in Baltimore for a conference for most of the week, and this week will likely be even busier, with my husband's family coming into town.

My mother-in-law likes to keep everyone well-fed, so last night it was pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, bread, and brownie sundaes.

Tonight is catered BBQ, tomorrow is out to a Mexican restaurant. Then Thanksgiving lunch at my parents' house, Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws. Friday morning up and shopping early, gift wrapping, Christmas tree assembling, napping. Saturday is a birthday party and departures, then Sunday will indeed be a day of rest. Except I have already made plans with a friend to work on some holiday crafts.

Keep me in your thoughts, ya'll!

And because I have been a bad blogger by not updating in so long, here's a yummy, drool-worthy yarn shop I want to share. You can thank me later!


Kay said...

I am worn out and have gained 10 lbs just reading your next few days!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the link. Her colours are luscious.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oooooo! That's a nice little link, there! Thanks!

Hang in there. The holidays are always a busy time, but fun in their way. If we can survive them the memories are pretty neat!

Knitting Rose said...

Great Link - your knitting table looks sooo busy. Keep up the good work - I know you can do it!

Jae said...

Ooooh, you are such an enabler! Must. not. put. yarn. in. cart. Must. look. away. ;)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Fannie Pie said...

Lots of holiday knitting going on here too... are you still planning on going to knit night at the library ? I'm not sure if I have to work that night.. but hope to see you there and catch up.. or possibly another knitogether?

Marianne said...

Oh my goodness, that Vintage Floral, perhaps to die for...would you like to come by after the weekend about those Father/Son socks?
I'm with Kay on gaining 10lbs just reading about the food...mmmmmmmm.

Terri said...

For some reason I can't open the link to the yarn shop. Could you please email it to me?

miss88keys said...

WOW! Good thing I'm not hanging out with you & your family .. I'd need a liquid diet after consuming all that yummy food this week! Good luck getting through it all & enjoy your day of rest on Sunday.

By the way, thank goodness the yarn I want on that site is sold out!! GORGEOUS!