Thursday, March 01, 2007


It has been warm and sunny here for several days, and I noticed my neighbor's magnolia tree is starting to bloom.

Soon they will all be blooming and smell wonderful. And then they will all fall off and turn in to a sloppy, brown, slippery mess. But they look pretty now.

There was the first faint sign of a spring storm in the air yesterday afternoon, and sure enough, we had a brief thunderstorm late last night.

Of course, storm season in Oklahoma brings with it the everpresent weather warning on the corner of the television screen.

I must be avoiding talking about the knitting. I remind myself of the irritating people who get on the elevator with me in my office building and chatter inanely about the weather. Sorry.

Leo is growing. I am just under 11 inches now. So only 6.5 inches to go. On the back. Someone in my knitting group suggested starting the sleeves, just to break up the monotony. It seems that doing both sleeves at the same time is the best route to go, so I may cast on for those this weekend.

Oh, and Paul made pork chops the other night. He was extremely proud of them, so I just wanted to document the result here.

Have a good weekend!


lobstah said...

I love the photos of the magnolias. We're still only in the 20's here...spring is still off aways!

Sheepish Annie said...

Something blooming, you say??? I'm breaking out the mittens and scarves for tomorrow's big snow storm. Bleh.

I miss blooming things...enjoy!

Caroline M said...

I'm a sleeves first knitter myself, I think it's because they start small and break you in gently. The back is a big bit of knitting whichever way you look at it.

(Blogger hates me because I left, there's no other explanation for why I always fail the letter recognition test. I'm now on my third attempt and they've taken the letters away)

Marianne said...

Ok, I'm giggling...that is one mighty fine looking porkchop!

The blooms are beautiful, yesterday (wednesday) was just so amazing, 70somethingF, gorgeous! we had a thunderstorm last night? All I know is I woke up this morning and it was BRISK outside...again.
Leo looking mighty fine also.

Pat said...

Beautiful blooms....all there is in MA is sloppy snow!
2 sleeves together...the only way to go!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Since I have until next February to finish the sweetheart shorts I went to the LYS to find something else to start. I bought some cashsoft and OMG that Leo is gonna be incredible. I didn't realize how soft that was.

I can't believe those magnolias are blooming already. That is a good sign that we can put this cold winter behind us.

And finally, that is a damn fine looking porkchop.

Fannie Pie said...

Lovely porkchop! You should knit that man a sweater... Oh, wait you are:p

Leo's looking good! Next week last class, then back to knit night!

ruth said...

The magnolias look wonderful.

Desiknitter said...

Isn't Leo growing awfully fast?
Spring seems to be here in as well; lots of lovely flowers around.

katie said...

Hooray for the magnolias! I can just now see yellow buds popping up on my daffodils. Spring is coming and Leo looks great!

craftyminx said...

Thanks! I thought the invites turned out pretty cute for being a last minute idea. God knows they could have been hideous.

beautiful flowers and porkchop!

Javajem said...

That sweater is going to be great! I love the yarn you chose. Those flowers on the magnolia tree are gorgeous!

Beth said...

I love magnolias - can't wait for them to start blooming here!

jae said...

Spring isn't quite ready to start here. So, it's nice to see that it's coming. Those blooms are lovely.

Miss Scarlett said...

Magnolias are so beautiful - shortlived but beautiful.
I saw your Bunny card in a frame - I collect those too! I have them in my upstairs hallway. They are so beautiful.