Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pirate Hats

It's cold and icy here in Oklahoma tonight, and I have been working on the We Call Them Pirates Hat.

Some of you may recall that I attempted to make this hat for my husband, but it came out to small and was gifted instead to my nephew. Which is all well and good, but it meant I owed my husband a hat. I joined the KAL for the pattern, and got started again, this time with a carefully measured gauge swatch at my side.

Ta da!
The inside:
The happy recipient:

KnitPicks Merino Style in Coal and Vanilla
Size 7 Addi Turbo
Size 5 KnitPicks needles for lining
Plymouth Wildflowers DK cotton for lining
Started Tuesday, January 9th
Finished Friday January 12th

I love this pattern so much, I decided to make one for me as well. Only this time I started from the lining up to avoid all that fiddly provisional cast-on stuff.
Lining completed:
First chart repeat completed:

KnitPicks Merino Style in Asparagus and Rhubarb



Cheryl said...

Totally digging the hat, Emma! What's up with the "hook 'em horns" from Paul?? He should know better. I may have to disown him.

So, can I place my order for one of these hats?

EZ said...
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Eric and Tony said...

The hat looks awesome and I can't believe you are half way through the second -- well, actually I can.

If that Hat can transform Paul so dramatically than it can make anyone look tough. Ha!

Fannie Pie said...

Love the look on Paul's face!! The hats are wonderful, I want one too! so fun.

Maureen said...

My husband now wnats one for himself after seeing your husband in his hat! It is a great hat pattern! I just made him two for Christmas this year, but maybe I'll whip one up for next next! Love the one you are making for yourself as well!

Marianne said...

Emma, good knitting on the hat! It sounds like a genius idea to start with the lining, I wonder why it's not done that way more often?
See, Havala wants a pink and green one also, hmmmmm, if she's good I'll tell her about yours, of course I'd be listening to her beg then....

Susan said...

Ha! I did the exact. same. thing. The original is a little bit too big for my nephew, but he's only 2, so he'll grow into it. The second is a much better fit on my husband. :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Looks great! And so quick...nicely done!

Catherine Kerth said...

Love the Pirate hats!

miss88keys said...

I don't feel like so much of an idiot now since I ALSO made the hat too small for my husband & will be giving it to my grandson. Nice to know you were able to "get gauge"! Looks Great!

Loganoc said...

My god, the colours! You could play great tricks on colourblind people with that! :)

schrodinger said...

The hat looks fantastic! Thanks for showing the inside too, I don't think I've had a chance to see the lining of the pirates hat.