Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cutest Socks Ever!

Ok, so I'm not quite done with them, but I was ready to make a new entry, and plan on finishing them tonight/tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. I have to go to some training in OKC on sexual harrassment, so I plan to knit through it.

I made these socks for my husband's 93-year old grandmother who is in the hospital right now. They're shortie socks with 2x2 ribbing. I didn't follow any pattern, exactly, just used the basic 64-stitch sock. They're made from Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, and they are soooo soft. The ribbing just makes them even softer and squishier.

The yarn was wonderful to work with. It's smooth and glossy and slide through your fingers. The socks have this incredible sheen and stitch definition. They're really lovely socks.

The other day my business partner Eric and I made some basic marinara sauce. I so hate cooking, but Eric had made it over the weekend and was raving about it, so we made some. Actually, he made it and I supervised. And drank wine.

So it starts out in this big pot, then goes into the blender. And now I have plenty in my freezer to be used later. It tastes a lot better than jar sauce.

After several days of rainy weather, which I personally love, the sun came out today and the sky was blue and full of wispy clouds.

My dog Elly sure was enjoying it. This is her pensive look.


Melissa said...

The socks are great! I love the colors.
Marinara favorite.

Cyndi said...

Love the socks - such pretty colors!

And I'm thrilled to find another law-practicing, sock-knitting, schnauzer-loving blogger! Elly is awfully cute. Her pensive look is the same as my dogs'. :)

My Little Corner said...

You left a comment on my blog, so I thought I'd swing by yours! The schnauzer on my blog came from Oklahoma and then shipped to Canada! I wonder if they are related! Your girl is very cute and your socks are perfect!

Fannie Pie said...

The socks are adorable! You're such a great grandchild-in-law:) and the sauce looks yummy! You're so lucky to know two men who are good cooks! (E and P)
I'm with you though supervising and drinking... I'm a good baker, not such a good cook.
And Elly.. well she just couldn't get cuter, pensive or grinning.

katie said...

The colors on the socks look so good together. Good eye! And hey! There's that Kitchen-Aid mixer again. How I lust over that mixer (lol)!

Sharon said...

Wine drinking while supervising cooking, good for you. I do actually enjoy cooking but I also like red wine!!

Catherine Kerth said...

Great Socks! i love your schauzer, she is really cute!

Trixie said...

I envy your life! A great dog, a great mixer, a business partner that cooks with you, and great sock-knitting during sexual harassment training! Way to go!

Lavendersheep said...

I love debbie bliss baby cashmerino for socks. I used them on my sockaploooza socks as a solid accent and just love it. I think I might end up doing some lace socks out of it at some point too.

Schnauzers rock! My parents have one and she loves to sleep on my yarn while I am knitting, then gets annoyed when I pull on the ball for more yarn.

Donna said...

What perfect socks for someone who needs a little extra comfort. Your dog is a cutie :)

maria said...

thanks for commenting on the wedding photo :-) yes, it was a lovely wedding and a beautiful weather.

is it your schnauzer? i've got a miniature schnauzer (you can see her on, she's 13 years old by now :-) i love schnauzers, they have so special personalities.

Joanne M said...

What a wonderful granddaughter-in-law you are - those socks look fantastic... how can you go wrong with cashmerino? I'm in CT and missing the Tulsa weather that I experienced last spring... it's rainy and cold here... I'll keep knitting the big woolly stuff.

yarnahoy said...

Love the socks with the green trim!