Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Skinny Scarf

And here's the looong, skinny, garter-stitch scarf I finally finished. I bought the yarn four years ago, right before I gave up knitting. So when I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to start again, I was going through all my knitting stuff and found this yarn, along with the receipt dated four years ago.

I'd always loved this yarn and thought it was beautiful, so I promptly started knitting it up. I tore it out several times because I wasn't getting the right effect. I finally switched to size 10 needles and kept it real skinny, and I love the final product.

I finished it literally the day before our last cold snap and got to wear it once.

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Brittany said...

hey emma i was gong to leave a comment for noah and ethans thing but it didn't have one! i LOVE your sewing stuff! I had no idea that you sewed that much! well I'll talk to ya later!
love ya!