Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Knit Nite

My knitting group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at the Brookside Library. I missed several weeks and so it had been a while since I attended, but I did drag myself out last night in freezing cold temperatures to join the ladies for some knitting and project-sharing.

I had really missed it! Just about everyone is local--like neighborhood local--and so we get a chance to talk about neighborhood issues too, like ice storm debris removal and the demolition of the Camelot (it's now completely gone).
I had my camera with me last night, so I took some shots. So here you are--the ladies of Brookside Library's Knit Nite:

Ann and Eva.

My original sock mentor, Sue.
Cindy and Kathy (whose current post just happens to be about the Camelot!)
The boys of eatsts, Eric and Tony.
The always-inspiring Marianne.

And a silly picture of Eric I just couldn't resist.

In more knitting news, I finished one Bird in Hand mitten and the second is firmly under way. Love this pattern.

And the results are amazing.

The titlular Bird in Hand.


Marianne said...

(ahem....did I not tell you?!?)

It was a great time last night,eh? I was SO happy to see you make it!
People, that mitten is beyond beautiful up close and in person, and so very warm!
so... have you gotten its mate knit? hee

~Kristie said...

Looks like a wonderful group! I'm going to my very first ever knit night next Monday. I'm kind of nervous.

I LOVE the bird in hand mittens.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Your mitten is great, I love it. Seems like I haven't been to knitnite in years. I am going to try my very best to go next time.

Bertha said...

Hahaha, you said titular! Um. I mean...I love those mittens! Pink & white, so pretty!

Deb said...

Oh how I wish I had been that clever with my Bird in Hand mittens!! That is so precious!

Fannie Pie said...

It was great to see you! Love those mittens! You did a beautiful job with them. I need to buy the pattern and make myself some- you've started something...

Macoco said...

Such a sweet little birdie!

Knitting Mother said...

The mitten is LOVELY, and your group looks like a blast! Can't wait to see it's mate! Stay warm!

anniam said...

Props to you on the fan-tab-u-lous mitten.

lobstah said...

I just love that pink/white combo! So sweet!