Friday, November 16, 2007

My Camera's Back--And Better Than Ever!

The camera is charging now on its new charger, which, did I mention comes with an adaptor for charging in the car? That's awesome.

Of course, the people from the cabin we stayed at called the other night and said, Ooops, I guess we really didn't go and search the cabin you stayed in after you told us exactly what it looked like and where to find it, and even after we told you we searched the place from top to bottom, because, funny thing--we found it and we're sending it back to you.


But not only did I find this great charger on eBay, I also got a 1GB memory card to replace my old 64MB one. So now, instead of only being able to take 42 pictures before emptying my camera, I can take 803!

Charger + memory card + shipping=$20. I love the Internet.

Knitting-wise I am about done with my dad's yak scarf and am winding Mmmmmalabrigo (my first!) to make Foliage. Still working on Tangled Yoke, and planning to wind my Yarntini to make some Go With The Flow socks.

Pictures this weekend!


Charles said...

I am really happy for you find the charger for your camera and , memory card!

Visit my knitting blog.. see what you think and comment me!


Sheepish Annie said...

Memory card! I've been wondering what to ask Santa to bring me...I need a new memory card! Thanks!!

And congrats on the camera accessory upgrade. The internet is truly a wonderful thing...

Melissa said...

I just ordered a wall/car charger from ebay for my camera. I hope it makes it here by Thanksgiving. Also, if you use an SD card, I just saw where Wal Mart will have a 2G card for $13 the day after Thanksgiving.