Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I So Need A New Camera *Now With SP Update!*

I take tons of pictures, but it seems like only about half of them come out well-lit and non-blurry. Hopefully whoever draws my name for Christmas is reading this post...

Anyway, on to a bunch of photos that actually did come out decently.

Knitting stuff first:

You know, I just feel a lot of guilt about Pomatomus. I started it waaay back here. And, as you can see, it looks pretty much the same today. Now, the reason I feel guilty about it is because I joined the Pomatomus KAL and it feels like I have some kind of obligation to finish these. But, to be honest, I really don't want to! Also, I looove Cherry Tree Hill supersock, and I want to use it, but not for these socks.

It's ok, right? I can frog this and use the yarn for something else, right? Hmmm.

The second Koigu Jaywalker is all primed and ready to be started:

And, for my first non-scarf, non-sock garment, I am making the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimon from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Heart's not broken yet, but maybe when the ribbons get tied on.

I finished the Twitterpated purse (although it kind of ended up more like a pouch) for my One Skein Secret Pal. The lining is not quite securely attached yet, but you get the ide.

Outside (it's actually not a washed-out, grubby looking gray. It's a very deep black, like in the next photo. Stupid camera.):


And now, in non-knitting stuff, I found this today when I was listening to the Lime and Violet podcast. Ohmigod, it looks like so much fun! It's merit badges for adults! In all kinds of artsy-crafty areas! What's not to love?

I suspect that many of you are, like me, chronic hobby-collectors. I have tried my hand at a variety of activities over the years, and never really stuck with anything long enough to get good at it (until knitting!). This Artscouts program really appeals to me for that very reason, I think, because it provides direction for the activities so you're not just floundering around on your own, not making any progress.

I love this idea! I am so signing up.

Lastly, we went to, of all things, a rollerskating party last week for our friend Tara's birthday. I haven't skated in about 20 years, but I did manage to make it around the rink once before calling it quits. It's just that I've never broken a bone in my life, and I don't want to start now.

My husband Paul (in red) and Tara's husband Alex (in the crazy pants) tying on their skates. Alex had actually never rollerskated before, and he was the only one Paul was able to beat in the group rink-race!

I got the final package from my SP today. Hooray! It was a big, heavy box, so I knew it had to be full of great stuff.

And it was!

Seven skeins of this really soft Misty Nevada yarn, two balls of soft, fuzzy brown yarn, two Christmas tree ornaments (which I always need more of, especially ones like these, which are unbreakable), a box of Sopapilla mix and a box of New Mexican corn bread mix (yummy!), Some little dark chocolate cookies, freaking adorable cat toys, some Japanese rice candy, two skeins of Cascade 220 and a pattern for a felted tote bag, and Japanese seaweed bits.

No, seriously, Japanese seaweed bits!

What an awesome SP package; this swap has been a lot of fun, and I sincerely thank you, Jos, for all your efforts and prezzies. I hope you have enjoyed this experience as much as I have! Now I have to go read your blog...

And the cats thank you for the Super Fun tissue paper!


Marianne said...

OMG!!! a rollerskating party! what fun. Hope everybody made it out of there in much the physical arrangement they went in...Love the bag, how pretty, the lining fabric is fabulous.
And yes, the Artscout club looks to be loads of fun.
I will ask again...the knitters against Bush button?
I love your Jaywalker, mmm beautiful yarn.....
and now Emma, I notice you didn't say a word about "that damned Icarus"...

Marianne said...

oh oops, how could I have forgotten?
Love the baby kimono, can't wait to see it with the ribbon in it.

Melissa said...

Love all the pics. The purse is so cute!
Frog the sock if you don't like it. Life's too short to knit projects you don't care about.

Jae said...

I agree, frog the sock if that is what feels best! Otherwise, you won't finish it (quickly) and it'll just become this thing of guilt taking up valuable DPN space.

The baby kimono is really cute!!

lobstah said...

All of your projects look very nice! Roller skating sounds like a blast!

katie said...

Definitely frog the sock. If you don't, every time you see it you'll think of other projects you could have used the yarn for.

Love that bag and the kimono. Cute, cute, cute!

Jaimi said...

You are never obligated to finish something once you don't love it anymore. Frog away!!

Catherine Kerth said...

wow! what a haul you got from your SP! I love the color of that koigu....yummy! the baby kimono looks really cute, love that mason dixon book ;) i think my favorite photo is of the cats playing with the tissue paper! its like a toddler, when you get them a new toy they play with the box it came in ;)

aija said...

Frog away! :) The colors on the jatwalker are SO pretty!

Fannie Pie said...

I'm with the others.... don't let that sock nag at you... frog it. You're soo good about finishing your projects, I know once that yarn is frogged you'll whip it into something delightful.

schrodinger said...

What a phenomenal SP haul! That Jos is a great Secret Pal. Sorry to hear about your Pomatomus, I have the same issue with my Cherry Hill supersock, currently 1 1/2 Jaywalkers, that I'm just not lovin'.

Ava said...

I frogged my Hawaii Joy from Brooklyn Handspun twice before settling on a pattern. It just happened to be Pomatomus, for which it is perfect, IMHO. What's the Cherry Tree Hill colorway you're using? And the Koigu colorway? I love them both.

Emma said...

The CTH yarn is Spanish Moss. I dont know what color the Koigu is because I lost the ball band! Yikes!

cecily said...

That's a great looking Pomatomus. :)