Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So I decided what one-skein gift I want to make for my One Skein Secret Pal. It's this, from here And here are my ingredients: just some simple black wool, a kicky fabric for the liner, and some needles and thread.

I still need to find a handle for the purse though, but I have time. From what I have read, this is not only an adorable knit, but a fast one.

I also want to procure the ingredients to make this:

The chicken and peaches platter from Real Simple magazine. Mmmm, it just looks so good! I was going to throw it together for supper tonight, but we ended up going with my husband's sister and her husband, my father-in-law, and my niece to a Chinese buffet. Ugh--bloated! My youngest niece didn't go because, get this, she went with my mother-in-law to her knitting club meeting. She's only 8 (my niece, not my mother-in-law)!

My nieces Brittany and Caleigh are down from Michigan to visit this week and next, so I took the afternoon off and spent it with them swimming in the pool at my parents'-in-law. We had a good time, but I got a wee bit too much sun, and now I'm radiating heat. Luckily, I tend to turn tan within a day or two, so it's not too bad.

I know lots of people hate constant pictures-in-progress, so I won't post photos of Clapotis and Cozy right now. I will say I have dropped 8 stitches so far on Clapotis, and man, this is a tedious knit! But it's gonna be fabulous.

I wanted to mention that I went and saw An Inconvenient Truth this weekend, and I loved it. It was absolutely riveting from beginning to end. Everyone should go check it out.

So, we have some friends who love German strategy games like The Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Pirate's Cove. My husband bought Shadows Over Camelot recently, and we were trying to figure it out tonight. Oh. My. God. It's so complicated (see below).

After about an hour, we gave up and decided we'd have to have some help figuring it out. We're going over to our friends' house on Sunday for lunch and to play.

Really, I swear we're not nerds.


Kay said...

I love that purse! I may have to do a couple of those for nieces. Please show us yours when it's completed.

Fannie Pie said...

Thanks Emma! Much appreciated!

katie said...

I'm glad to hear you liked An Inconvenient Truth. My husband and I are going to see it tomorrow. We're fans of Al Gore the way that other folks are fans of Brad Pitt (read: we're dorks!), so I'm sure we'll love it too! :)

And I love the fabric you picked for the purse. Reminds me of neapolitan ice cream sandwiches! Mmm.

knit_n_nascar said...

I love the kicky fabric for that purse. I'm sure it's going to be adorable!

catherine said...

What a pretty purse! Now I have yet another item to ad to my to-knit list. :-)

Ashley said...

Such a cute idea with the purse.

Fannie Pie said...

Love that fabric/yarn combo! and the recipe looks wonderful too!

Thanks for the good thoughts and sending people my way!

You're the best!

Patty said...

Looking forward to seeing your Cozy. I've been fiddling around with it for months...keep thinking I don't want to think so hard!

Imperatrix said...

Thanks for visiting my site! I've just glanced at yours, and I think we have a lot in common. I've seen the Al Gore movie preview, and I can't wait to find a time to go see it.

Our younger daughter wasn't ready for Catan when we wanted to buy it, so we've got Carcasonne. Which is fun. (Hah, a little rhyme!). I also got Elfland for my birthday, which isn't complicated but one can make it so with the expansion pack (which I haven't been able to find anywhere).

Are you getting tired of the Clapotis yet? When I made mine, there was a period in there where all the stockinette just. got. so . BORING! But it was well worth it.

Maureen said...

Can't wait to see the finished purse! I love the ingredients so far!

Marisol said...

Wow, really cute bag. I wish I was the lucky recipient of this cute little handbag. Impeccable Tase!

Hey and your Clapotis is coming along nicely too. We have a similar color scheme going:)

Happy Knitting!

Terri said...

Thanks for the comment on Al Gore's movie. I want to see it and was thinking of waiting for the CD at Blockbuster.

Terri =- friend of Kay

veronica said...

Thanks for stopping by my weblog!

Speaking as a woman engaged to a fan of German strategy board games, I would recommend Puerto Rico or Aladdin's Dragons as games with the biggest entertainment return considering the amount of time it takes to read the instructions. :)

I am curious to see how your Clapotis turns out!

KnitYoga said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love that bag that you're going to make. It's a bit like the Fendi knock off bag that everyone was raving about some time back. I'm also doing OSSP so you've given me another idea to play with. The lining you've chosen will look great with the black yarn, too!